Basic Chemicals

  • 3-Chloropropyl Methyl Ether 36215-07-3

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    3-Chloropropyl Methyl Ether 36215-07-3

    3-Chloropropyl methyl ether 36215-07-3 CAS NO: 36215-07-3 HS CODE: 2909199090 Formula: C4H9ClO Molecular Weight: 108.567 Structural Formula: Synonyms: 1-Chloro-3-Methoxypropane SPECIFICATION OF 3-Chloropropyl methyl ether: PROPERTIES OF 3-Chloropropyl methyl ether: Read More

  • 2,2'-Dichlorodiethyl Ether 111-44-4

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    2,2'-Dichlorodiethyl Ether 111-44-4

    2,2'-Dichlorodiethyl Ether 111-44-4 CAS NO: 111-44-4 HS CODE: 2909199090 Formula: C4H8Cl2O Molecular Weight: 143.01200 Structural Formula: Synonyms: Bis(2-Chloroethyl)ether 2-Chloroethyl ether SPECIFICATION OF 2,2'-Dichlorodiethyl Ether: PROPERTIES OF... Read More

  • 2-(4-Chlorobenzyl)1H Benzimidazole 5468-66-6

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    2-(4-Chlorobenzyl)1H Benzimidazole 5468-66-6

    2-(4-Chlorobenzyl)1H Benzimidazole 5468-66-6 CAS NO: 5468-66-6 HS CODE: 2933990090 Formula: C14H11ClN2 Molecular Weight: 242.704 Structural Formula: Synonyms: 2-(4-Chlorobenzyl)benzimidazole SPECIFICATION OF 2-(4-Chlorobenzyl)1H Benzimidazole: PROPERTIES OF... Read More

  • 2-(3,4-Dichlorobenzyl)1H Benzimidazole 213133-77-8

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    2-(3,4-Dichlorobenzyl)1H Benzimidazole 213133-77-8

    2-(3,4-Dichlorobenzyl)1H Benzimidazole 213133-77-8 CAS NO: 213133-77-8 HS CODE: 2933990090 Formula: C14H10Cl2N2 Molecular Weight: 277.149 Structural Formula: Synonyms: 2-(1H-PYRAZOL-1-YL)PROPANOIC ACID SPECIFICATION OF 2-(3,4-Dichlorobenzyl)1H Benzimidazole: PROPERTIES OF... Read More

  • 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane 79-34-5

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    1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane 79-34-5

    1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane 79-34-5 CAS NO: 79-34-5 HS CODE: 2903199000 Formula: C2H2Cl4 Molecular Weight: 167.849 Structural Formula: Synonyms: Tetrachlorethane SPECIFICATION OF 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane: PROPERTIES OF 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane: Read More


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    Dimethylacetamide (DMA) is the organic compound with the formula CH3C(O)N(CH3)2. This colorless, water-miscible, high boiling liquid is commonly used as a polar solvent in organic synthesis. DMA is miscible with most other solvents, although it is poorly soluble in aliphatic... Read More

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