Hedta Series

  • HEDTA ACID 150-39-0

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    HEDTA ACID 150-39-0

    HEDTA ACID is multivalent chelating agents, which can be used to chelate metal, for most of the common metal ions have strong chelating effect. In addition to the use of analytical chemistry on the outside, has been gradually applied to textile, agriculture , medicine ,... Read More

  • HEDTA 3NA 207386-87-6

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    HEDTA 3NA 207386-87-6

    HEDTA 3NA mainly used as the metal complexing agent, styrene butadiene rubber activator, photosensitive materials bleach fixer; also can be used as a cleaning agent, pulp bleaching. Purpose is similar to HEDTA. Read More

  • HEDTA FE 17084-02-5

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    HEDTA FE 17084-02-5

    HEDTA FE can be used in soil and hydroponic applications, which have a higher pH stability than Fe-EDTA products. Read More

All products of hedta series meet international quality standards. Feel free to place orders with our professional hedta series manufacturers and suppliers in China.