Feed Additives

  • L-Lysine 56-87-1

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    L-Lysine 56-87-1

    L-Lysine 56-87-1 CAS:56-87-1 HS CODE: 2922411000 Formula: C6H14N2O2 Molecular Weight: 146.18800 Structural Formula: Synonyms: Lys; LYSINE; FEMA 3847; L-Lysine; H-LYS-OH; Aminutrin; Lysine acid; USAGE OF L-lysine:L- lysine is essential amino acid SPECIFICATION OF L-lysine... Read More

  • Betaine

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    Betaine is an amino acid derivative that occurs in plants. Trimethylglycine was the first betaine discovered; originally it was simply called betaine because, in the 19th century, it was discovered in sugar beets. Since then, many other betaines have been discovered, and the... Read More

  • Ethoxyquin

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    Ethoxyquin 91-53-2 CAS NO:91-53-2 HS CODE: Formula:C14H19NO Molecular Weight:217.30700 Structural Formula: Synonyms:6-Ethoxy-2, 2, 4-trimethyl-1, 2-dihydroquinoline; Quinoline, 6-ethoxy-1, 2-dihydro-2, 2, 4-trimethyl-; emq; quinoled; 1, 2-dihydro-2, 2,... Read More

  • Tributyrin

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    Tributyrin is a kind of triglyceride , which is made from butyric acid and glycerol, naturally present in butter. Mainly used as a feed additive for several animals such as pig. It can also be used as a Therapy to against several kinds of Cancers. Read More


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    SODIUM BUTYRATE 156-54-7 CAS NO:156-54-7 HS CODE:2915600000 Formula:C4H7NaO2 Molecular Weight:110.08700 Structural Formula: Synonyms:Natriumbutyrat; Butyrate sodium salt; NAB; BUTYRIC ACID NA; SODIUMBUTYRATE, USP; USAGE OF SODIUM BUTYRATE: SPECIFICATION OF SODIUM BUTYRATE:... Read More

  • Benzoic Acid Feed Grade

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    Benzoic Acid Feed Grade

    Benzoic acid feed grade 65-85-0 CAS NO:65-85-0 HS CODE:4002191900 Formula:C7H6O2 Molecular Weight:122.12100 Structural Formula: Synonyms:Benzoic acid USAGE OF Benzoic acid feed grade: SPECIFICATION OF Benzoic acid feed grade: PTOPERTIES OF Benzoic acid feed grade: SAFETY... Read More

All products of feed additives meet international quality standards. Feel free to place orders with our professional feed additives manufacturers and suppliers in China.