Flavours and Fragrance

  • Ethyl Butyrate

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    Ethyl Butyrate

    CAS NO: 105-54-4
    HS CODE:2915600000
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    THYMOL 89-83-8 CAS NO:89-83-8 HS CODE: Formula:C10H14O Molecular Weight:150.21800 Structural Formula: Synonyms:6-Isopropyl-3-methylphenol; 6-Isopropyl-m-cresol; 3-methyl-6-isopropyl-phenol; Thyme camphor; Phenol, 5-methyl-2-(1-methylethyl)-; USAGE OF THYMOL 89-83-8:... Read More

  • L-Menthol

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    L-Menthol 2216-51-5 CAS NO: 2216-51-5 HS CODE: Formula: C10H20O Molecular Weight: 156.26500 Structural Formula: Synonyms: uspmenthol; (1R, 2S, 5R) -2-Isopropyl-5-methylcyclohexanol; Cyclohexanol, 5-methyl-2-(1-methylethyl)-, (1R, 2S, 5R)-; (−)-Menthol; (-)-p-Menthan-3-ol;... Read More

  • P-Anisaldehyde

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    P-Anisaldehyde 123-11-5 CAS NO:123-11-5 HS CODE: Formula:C8H8O2 Molecular Weight:136.14800 Structural Formula: Synonyms:Obepin; 4-Methoxybenzald; Anisaldehyd; p-Anisaldehyde, contains Acetic Acid, H2SO4) Ethanol; FEMA 2670; USAGE OF P-Anisaldehyde: SPECIFICATION OF... Read More

  • Diphenylmethane

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    Diphenylmethane 101-81-5 CAS NO:101-81-5 HS CODE: Formula:C10H16N2O8 Molecular Weight:168.23400 Structural Formula: Synonyms:Diphenylmethane; Benzene, 1, 1'-methylenebis-; benzylbenzene; DiphenylMethane; Benzylphenyl; USAGE OF Diphenylmethane: SPECIFICATION OF... Read More

  • Benzyl Acetate

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    Benzyl Acetate

    Benzyl acetate is an organic compound. Benzyl acetate is found naturally in many flowers. It is the primary constituent of the essential oils from the flowers jasmine, ylang-ylang and tobira. It has pleasant sweet aroma reminiscent of jasmine. Consequently, it is used widely... Read More

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