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China wuhan international feed industry fair in August.
Mar 03, 2018

"China (wuhan) international feed industry expo" was held in August.

The largest feed exhibition in China.

Wuhan feed industry summit BBS seminar.

"2018 Chinese livestock and poultry waste disposal technology BBS"

New product (new technology) investment promotion project negotiation promotion meeting.

I. time and place.

Time: August 18 to August 19, 2018 (solstice 17 day exhibition, 18 solstice 19 day exhibition).

Venue: wuhan optical valley technology exhibition center.

Support units and sponsors.

Support unit :(sincerely)

Organizer: Beijing aibo international exhibition co., LTD. / Beijing boya international exhibition co. LTD.

Iii. Special sponsor (cheng zhao)

Iv. Co-organizer (sincere recruitment)

5. Exhibition units.

Beijing aibo international exhibition co., LTD. / Beijing boya international exhibition co. LTD.

Display the transaction contents.

1. New technologies, new products and new technology of feed processing, feed raw materials, feed additives (including drug feed additives), feed machinery, etc. at home and abroad;

2. New technologies, new products and new technologies in animal husbandry and veterinary animal feed detection and inspection and safety evaluation;

3. New technologies, new products and new processes of livestock breeding and animal products processing;

4. Publicity media of newspapers, magazines, information networks and other industries;

5. Information technology consulting, investment financing, talent recruitment, etc.

"China (wuhan) international feed industry exposition was founded in 1996, after 20 years of honed, has become a show in the feed industry at home and abroad new achievements, the exchange experience, communication, new information, the promotion of new technologies, promote new cooperation an important platform, become the domestic feed industry with the largest scale and highest specifications, the most popular, the strongest power, the first brand exhibition.

! At present, China's economic development into the new norm, in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, we will continue to reform the supply side of the animal husbandry and feed industry structural task is very arduous, coordination to promote the "big raw material, safe, big business, big market" strategy is of great urgency, feed industry development is facing new development opportunities and challenges. In the new stage of development, we will not forget to serve for the industries and enterprises of beginner's mind, firmly establish a innovation, coordination, the development of green, open, sharing ideas, to "the transformation and upgrading, the green development" as the theme, promote the competitiveness of the industry and the quality and safety level unceasingly, continue to do a good job in 2018 China feed industry exhibition. At the same time, through upstream and downstream industry chain, promote the development of the green animal husbandry and feed industry, the exhibition form and the service content innovation, then held 2018 China feed industry exhibition thematic exhibition - "animal husbandry and environmental protection exhibition 2018" and "2018 pig industry exhibition" (notice).

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