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▶ NOV, 28 - 30 , 2017|CPhI India 2017|Mumbai, India
Sep 20, 2017

The Twelfth "world pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition India CPhI India 2017" was held on 28-30 November 2017 in Mumbai, India. It is sponsored by UBM Live, and is a new grand opening in the South Asian market after CPhI World Wide, CPhI Japan and CPhI China.

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Since its first held in 2005, the exhibition has attracted wide attention from the whole world, especially China's raw material drug manufacturers and traders, with the rapid development of the India pharmaceutical market.


The integration of the world economy brings pressure to pharmaceutical companies in all countries. The solution of high quality and low cost pharmaceutical enterprises is the common goal pursued by all of us. The world pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition is an excellent opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to understand the latest developments and innovations.

India pharmaceutical industry is an important member of the world pharmaceutical family. On the 28-30 th of November, in India, Mumbai, the world's pharmaceutical equipment suppliers, technology suppliers, raw materials, processing and bio pharmaceutical enterprises gathered together.