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▶【EXHIBITION TO ATTEND】MAR, 3 - 5 ,2019| China CAC Exhibition | Shanghai, China
Aug 06, 2018

China International Agricultural Chemicals and Plant Protection Exhibition (CAC), sponsored by Chemical Industry Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, is held in Shanghai every March. Since 1999, CAC has become the world's largest agricultural chemicals exhibition and won the UFI certification in 2012. The exhibition is the most important trade exchange and cooperation platform of new product exhibition, technical exchange and trade negotiation in the global agricultural industry. It is the most professional and most active agricultural chemical exhibition, the window of Chinese agricultural enterprises to the world, and the annual industry gathering of the global agrisman people.


1336 enterprises from 30 countries and regions, compared with the previous exhibition, the number of exhibitors increased by 10%, and the exhibition area reached 73000 square meters by 15%. Among them, overseas exhibitors covered Australia, Brazil, Russia, Russia, France, South Korea, Holland, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Italy, India, Indonesia, Britain, Vietnam, Taiwan and other countries, and more than 90 overseas enterprises, India, Korea, and Turkish. Both Vietnam and Vietnam are focused on the National Pavilion, and international attention continues to heat up.


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