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How important micronutrients are to human health
Jul 28, 2017

Micronutrients: Inorganic salts and trace elements. Through several national nutrition surveys, China's human body is easy to lack of several elements: calcium: Is the construction of bones and teeth components, affecting the growth and development of young children, and our people's intake is not 50% of the human body. Therefore, businesses look for calcium supplements are excellent business opportunities, all kinds of calcium products are overwhelming, but the best source of calcium is not health products, but drink milk, 100 grams of milk containing calcium 104~114 mg, but also contains high-quality protein 3.4-~3.6 mg, and the absorption rate is high. There are said to drink milk and flatulence, I think it is China's resistance to lactic acid population more reasons. Iron: Iron is the essential ingredient of hemoglobin and myoglobin, and also the bioactive part of many enzymes. Lack of iron, it will produce anemia, which is called iron deficiency anemia, the human body iron deficiency will affect hemoglobin (formerly known as hemoglobin) generation. This situation is more prevalent in our country, especially in infants and pregnant women. Iron deficiency anemia is a world-wide nutritional deficiency, which is developed countries also have this anemia, especially in pregnancy, lactation women and adolescent development period. The iron in animal food is easy to absorb, the absorption rate can reach 20%, the plant food is affected by the plant acid and the absorption of iron, the absorption rate is generally about 5%. Zinc: Zinc is also an important component of many enzymes or must have zinc to participate in order to be activated, zinc and the human body hundreds of enzymes are related, so it is very important. Children with zinc deficiency are not easy to grow, relatively short, hair is also yellow, there is a more obvious name is different food, eat a tree bark, grass roots and soil such as these are not to eat things, but also affect the reproductive system, rickets and so on, of course, China has not so serious. To be aware of, some places to the child to see the doctor, always say to you check zinc bar, not a place so casually, the operation is very strict, sampling parts, sample processing will produce errors. Be sure to do it in a formal, rigorous way. Iodine: Iodine deficiency, some places is the big neck, called endemic goiter, this general in the big city is not easy, mainly in some mountainous areas. There are mothers lack of iodine, the birth of the child is a fool, deaf, mute bar, some do not grow high, teenage is not five or six-year-old high, the mother is still holding, fetal period iodine deficiency born to Koding disease, serious appearance of rough skin. These years has greatly improved, the improvement aspect is many, one is the national implementation iodized salt, eats the salt to add the iodine, then the living standard enhances, the protein intake quantity is much, improves the absorption, the absorption rate is high. But note that iodine cannot eat too much. Trace elements are deficient and excessive, because trace elements need to be very low, such as iodine per person daily need 150 micrograms, is very few. Trace elements need limit and the limit of poisoning is very small. Unlike carbohydrates, protein and other food will not be an accident, and the excessive amount of trace elements will be dangerous, our country has had iodine poisoning phenomenon. Selenium: It is a component of antioxidant enzymes (glutathione peroxidase) in the human body, different from zinc, only this enzyme and selenium. But this enzyme is very important, can resist decay, anti-cancer, clear the body free radicals, Ros these peroxide, protect the cell membrane not to be destroyed, therefore produces the aging, the cancer, is the cell is destroyed, the DNA is destroyed has the mutation, it can resist the oxidation reduces the proton peroxidation effect. So it's a very important enzyme, and it's very important to the elderly, but it's also very low, and it's 200 to 400 micrograms. Therefore, can not be excessive, otherwise there is a danger of poisoning.

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