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▶ MAY, 18 - 20 , 2018|China International Animal Husbandry Expo|Qingdao, China
Jan 18, 2017

2017 is the key year for the comprehensive implementation of the 13th Five-Year plan. It is also a key year to promote structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. In order to carry out the series of important speeches on the development of "three rural" and the spirit of Document No. 1 of the Central Committee of the general secretary of Xi Jinping, we should fully implement the deployment of the national agricultural work conference and the 1 document of the Ministry of agriculture, promote the improvement of the scale of intensive livestock production, improve the quality and efficiency of livestock products, and push forward the green development, the Chinese livestock. The animal husbandry association intends to hold the sixteenth China International Animal Husbandry Expo( CAHE) at the Chongqing International Expo Center on 18~20 May 2018.


The indoor and outdoor exhibition area of the China International Animal Husbandry Expo( CAHE)plan is about 200 thousand square meters. 8 standard pavilions and 1 multi-purpose pavilions are used to set up more than 5000 booths. On the basis of the 15 previous experience of carrying out the exhibition, this "animal Expo" continues to create a "wisdom animal Expo" with the help of mobile Internet technology to promote the accurate docking of exhibitors and audiences; continue to enrich the series of "Chinese animal husbandry week" series and dig into the connotation of the "animal Expo"; closely respond to the national policy and highlight environmental treatment. The exhibition area and the brand animal product exhibition area planning and publicity effect; improve the international level, promote the exchange and interaction between the two major markets at home and abroad; refine the exhibition service management and optimize the scene experience of the participants.