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A Heavy Pound! The General Administration Of Quality Supervision, Inspection And Quarantine (aqsiq) Announced That It Would Import Feed And Feed Additives From These Countries.
Mar 03, 2018

A wave of blockbuster hit, overall by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine on animal and plant quarantine and supervision, feed companies, insurance companies, livestock and poultry farmers is remarkable, the following follow in the footsteps of Daniel let's take a look at the new rule.

The content is updated to February 26, 2018, allowing imported feed and feed additive country (region).

Also means that countries other than the allowed to feed and feed additives, need according to the import and export of feed and feed additives, inspection and quarantine supervision and management measures for the regulation, market access program and foreign production and processing enterprises register rear can export to China. Import of feed and feed additives shall be allowed to continue to be imported before the registration of overseas production and processing enterprises has been completed. If the registration is completed, it is only allowed to import from the registered production and processing enterprises.

Dan Dan compared the old and new regulations for feed and feed additives to allow importing countries, and there are continuations and updates, so let's look at this:

1. Continuation rules

For raw grain used for processing feed, please refer to the relevant inspection and quarantine regulations for imported raw grain.

From January 1, 2013, shipment of imported feed ingredients, in to apply for import and import inspection, animal and plant quarantine permit shall be according to the ministry of agriculture announcement no. 1773 to provide the registration certificate of import of feed and feed additives products.

Pet food containing animal-derived ingredients should also meet the requirements of the list of animals and products imported from endemic countries.

According to the latest risk analysis results and the ministry of agriculture's announcement of 1773, the importation of cocoa shells was stopped.

Since January 8, 2014, pause to accept the examination and approval, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, kazakhstan, Canada (except rapeseed dregs) about processing plant-derived protein feed products enter the animal and plant quarantine license, has accepted and approved by the license before continue to be valid, finished with so far.

2, new

New Sudan alfalfa trade in China.

New mauritanian fish meal, fish oil import trade.

New U.S. beet pulp trade in China.

New Mongolian natural forage trade in China.

New Pakistani rapeseed meal trade in China.

New Ukraine beet pulp trade in China.

Newly added Spanish swine blood protein powder, poultry feather hydrolysis protein powder registered production processing enterprise list.

New kazakhstan wheat bran trade.

In recent years, the processing of vegetable protein products in some countries has not been in real trade. In order to ensure the quality and safety of imported products, the related products are deleted according to relevant regulations.

New Holland feeding pig intestinal mucosal protein trade.