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Application Of BHT In Polymer Materials.
Mar 31, 2018

In polymer material is effective antioxidant T501, in polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride dosage (0.01 0.1%) and polyvinyl ether is effective in stabilizing agent, in polystyrene and its copolymer medium oil to prevent discoloration and the effect of mechanical strength loss, in celluloid plastic, for heat and light of cellulose esters and cellulose ethers aging a protective effectiveness, in synthetic fibre, is a polypropylene stable agent, the dosage of about 1%.

Application in the rubber industry: Phenolic antioxidant T501 is commonly used in rubber, natural rubber, butadiene, styrene butadiene, butyl, isoamyl, Ding Qing, synthetic rubber, such as ethylene propylene acrylate and latex products hot oxygen aging has protective effect, can restrain copper, with the ozone resistance and wax and can prevent climate of various factors on the analysis of the damage, it is easily dispersed in rubber latex can be added directly mixed with rubber or as dispersion, can be used in the manufacture of the sidewall of the tire, white, bright color and transparent color of various rubber and dairy products and daily, health care, tape, rubber shoes and grocery rubber products, also can be used as a stabilizer of synthetic rubber processing and storage.

Application in industrial oil: this product is an excellent anti-oxygen additive for various petroleum products. It has the best anti-oxygen effect when the working temperature is 100 degrees. It is widely used in turbine oil, transformer oil, hydraulic oil, heat conducting oil, brake oil, spindle oil and precision machinery oil, paraffin anti-oxidant. This product can be directly or mixed into the mother liquor into the product. In order to improve the anti-oxygen performance of the product, prolong its service life. And long chain basic ZDDP,TCP metal antirust agent compound use, can be modulated anti-wear hydraulic oil and other products. The dosage is generally 0.1-1%.

Application in fuel oil: gasoline and diesel are unstable due to a small amount of sulfur and nitrogen compounds and alkenes, which can improve their stability after being added to this product. This product has many advantages such as low dosage, no corrosion, oil solubility and discoloration.

Application in food, medicine and other aspects: this product can be used as food additive. It is used to prevent the acid failure caused by oxidation of animal and vegetable oils, and the liquid is used for the food and cosmetics containing fatty food and the food grade plastics and packaging materials used in food grade plastics and packaging materials.