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Application Of EDTA Chelating Agent In Products
Jun 23, 2018

EDTA in detail: EDTA and its salts can interact with a variety of metal ions, form a stable ring structure, effectively reduce or inhibit metal ions caused by side effects or harmful effects, is the most widely used metal chelating agent, generally for the chelate of the ph 5 of calcium ions, the ph. 2 of the copper ions, 6, Ph. 1 of the iron ions, the ph + 6 of the magnesium ions, as well as the ph. 3 of manganese ions. Because of its excellent chelate properties, EDTA and its salts are widely used in water treatment, detergent, textile, papermaking, medicine, rubber processing, photographic and other fields.

The EDTA molecule has six atoms (two amino nitrogen atoms and four carboxyl oxygen atoms) that form a coordination bond with metal ions, which can form a stable and soluble chelate with many metal ions.
EDTA in the solution in the above five forms, in a certain amount of acidity in various forms according to a certain number of proportional distribution. As in the case of Shan ph<2 mainly in the form of h4y, while ph>12 mainly in y4-form.

In addition, our EDTA is produced by sodium cyanide method. Comparisons with other methods have the following advantages:
(1) The main reaction under alkaline conditions, the reaction process will not produce cyanogen hydrogen acid, production operation is safer;
(2) compared with the chloroacetic acid method, EDTA does not contain chloride ions, so it is suitable for most cleaning.
(3) The production process of the process does not emit toxic waste and is easy to handle;
(4) Sodium cyanide production of EDTA and its sodium salt, product purity of 99.5%.

Application of EDTA chelating agent in products
Although synthetic detergent is not affected by hard water, a small amount of EDTA can cover metal ions, which can increase the stability of surfactant and foam, enhance cleaning force, foaming force, soaking force and emulsifying force of detergent, which is helpful to improve the efficiency. EDTA is also used in solid soaps and liquid soaps.

Daily Chemical Industry
In daily chemical industry, EDTA is used as antiseptic additive in cosmetics to reduce the catalytic oxidation of metal ions to grease to prevent spoilage. EDTA sodium salt, used to chelate the ca/mg ions in hard water, the presence of these ions will be seriously defoaming, so that clothing, hair washing is not clean.

Glass cleaning Agent
The surface brightness of the glass can be improved by EDTA pretreatment.