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Determination Of Edta/Sodium Tri-acetic Acid And Its Content
Jul 14, 2018

Exposure to chemical products, we often find a lot of chemical content is more than 100%, but go back to a test, found that the content of only 90% or even lower. It is also an industry standard.

Take us. EDTA series, edta-2na/ethyl two amine acetic acid disodium salt The current market circulation is generally two of crystalline water,

The molecular formula is C10h14n2na2o8.2 ($literal), and its molecular weight is about 372. The crystalline water molecular weight is 36, so in many experimental tests, will find that they say your products and quality inspection report said that the 99% content difference is larger, in fact, the experimental test is generally detected in the product of the effective content, take edta-2na, C10h14n2na2o8 is its active ingredient, if the effective ingredient content, EDTA two sodium only about 89%. The same edta-4na/ethyl two amine four sodium acetate effective content about 80%.

NTA series, ammonia tri-acetic acid trisodium salt/nitrogen sodium acetate Its effective content is about 92%. So BASF's NTA is also called a 92R.