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Different Ranges Of Application Of Chelate
Jul 28, 2018

In water pollution chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic and biochemical applications are very extensive, such as the separation and analysis of metal ions, water softening, grading precipitation, fiber dyeing, cleaning metal, flotation, sterilization, protein hydrolysis and synthesis and stable vitamins

Folding Industrial Engineering

Chelate in industry to remove metal impurities, such as water softening, removal of toxic heavy metal ions. For example, heavy metals are used to produce and use heavy metal traps to precipitate heavy metal ions to purify wastewater.

Folding Bioengineering

The metal chelate reaction is significant to the combination of coenzyme, coenzyme and enzyme.

Some of the essential substances of life are chelate, such as hemoglobin and 4 of nitrogen atoms in the porphyrin ring of chlorophyll, which hold metal atoms (hemoglobin-containing FE, chlorophyll-containing mg) fixed at the center of the ring.

Folding Analytical Chemistry

The stability constants of chelate are very high, and many chelation reactions are quantitative and can be used for titration.

Chemical coating: The adsorption or chemical reaction on the surface of inorganic powders makes the particle surface modification by cladding the functional groups in the Chelate organic molecule.