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Domestic Raw Drug Market Turnover Is Still Very Bleak
Aug 12, 2017

Because of the continued pressure of environmental verification, the domestic original drug production enterprises have been kept in a lower starting rate, and a variety of pesticide prices have also risen to a very good position, which directly led to a long period of time the domestic market volume of raw medicine is very bleak.

This week, the domestic drug market is flat, sporadic replenishment of the primary. The imbalance between supply and demand has not improved significantly, the supply side of the tension does not drive the demand-side of the warming, the market to digest the original inventory. Into the July, some enterprises discontinued maintenance, manufacturers and channel inventory in favor of the low-end, some varieties with the market inventory gradually digest, the market turnover is biased towards high-end, price rise. Environmental inspection brought about by the reduction in the supply of effective to make up for the low price of agricultural products caused by the weak terminal demand, foreign trade domestic procurement competition more support the industry in the future high cost market transmission.

Herbicides, grass glyphosate drug prices fell, the main ammonium phosphate drug stabilized, but the original drug, Songyuan drugs such as the fluorine sulfonamide is still supply tension; amide herbicides are affected by the intermediate price increase, the market price increases.

Pesticides, the original drug supply of the amine is tight, Avica Salt series of the original medicine to maintain high, chrysanthemum ester products affected by the upstream intermediates, market prices rise, nicotine products have a callback; the effect of the tension of ethyl chloride, the organic phosphorus products to maintain high;

The high level of fungicide consolidation, affected by the suspension of Lianyungang, part of the three Triazole products intermediates, the impact of downstream production, the remaining variety of supply is still tense.

Basic chemical raw materials, crude oil price volatility this week consolidation, the third benzene, propylene series, phenol ketone, such as stable operation, acrylonitrile acetonitrile Market callback stability; chlor-alkali industry, liquid alkali, flake alkali to maintain the high price, liquid chlorine low price; bromine chemical, phosphorus chemical and other fluctuations consolidation, fluorine chemical industry by the refrigerant market favorable price correction.

Although the market demand for light, but the current market facing environmental inspection, making the upstream and downstream manufacturers are unusually cautious, wait-and-see. With the market after the inventory digestion, environmental protection costs and raw material costs will inevitably lead to the rise in product prices, the cost of transmission is becoming more obvious.