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Feed Additives Mechanism Of Feed Additives
Aug 18, 2018

Feed Additives mechanism of feed additives

1. inhibit the propagation of harmful bacteria and keep the intestinal flora normal.

Inhibit and prevent the occurrence of harmful bacteria in the intestines, increase beneficial bacteria and restore healthy intestinal flora. It mainly inhibits the reproduction of pathogenic Escherichia coli, Clostridium, Salmonella and beta-hemolytic bacteria.

2. Production of digestive enzymes, vitamin synthesis can produce amylase and protease digestive enzymes and vitamin B group, and vitamin A synthesis has also been confirmed.

3. enhancing immunity

By stimulating the intestinal immune system cells and increasing the formation of local antibodies, we can increase the strength. Macrophage activity. Microbiological feed additives can accumulate a large amount of vitamin A with enhanced immunity in the liver.

4. hydrogen peroxide production

Hydrogen peroxide is harmful to several potential pathogenic microorganisms. It is formed by some special substances on some substrates.

5. optimize the ecological environment:

In the process of intestinal metabolism, probiotics and enzymes decompose crude protein, phytase and anti-nutrient factors which are not easily absorbed and utilized by animals. They obviously prevent and control the growth of maggots, effectively cut off the sources of ammonia and odor, effectively reduce the concentration of harmful gases in animal feces, and improve the feeding environment. It has reduced the harm of ammonia to human body and prevented the occurrence of respiratory and intestinal diseases in livestock and poultry

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