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Function And Use Of Toluene
Oct 07, 2017

Toluene is widely used as a solvent and high octane gasoline additive, but also an important raw material of organic chemicals, compared with benzene and xylene obtained from coal and oil at the same time, the current production is relatively surplus, so a considerable amount of toluene is used to remove alkyl benzene or disproportionation of xylene. A series of intermediates derived from toluene, widely used in dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fire explosives, auxiliaries, spices and other fine chemicals production, also used in the synthetic materials industry. 

Toluene is obtained by side chain chlorination of benzyl chloride, benzyl chloride and benzyl chloride, including their derivatives of benzyl alcohol, benzaldehyde and benzoyl chloride (usually also from the benzoic acid Light gasification), in medicine, pesticides, dyes, especially spices in the synthesis of a wide range of applications. The cyclic chlorination product of toluene is pesticide; The oxidation of toluene to benzoic acid is an important food preservative (mainly using its sodium salt) and also as an intermediate for organic synthesis. 


Toluene and benzene derivatives are sulfonated intermediates, including P-toluene sulfonic acid and its sodium salts; CLT acid; toluene-2, 4-two sulfonic acid, benzaldehyde-2, 4-two sulfonic acid, toluene sulfonyl chloride, for detergent additive, chemical fertilizer anti caking additive; organic pigments; medicine; dye production. A large number of intermediates are made from toluene nitration. Can derive a lot of super end products, which in polyurethane products, dyes and organic pigments, rubber auxiliaries, medicine, explosives and other aspects of super important.