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How To Distinguish The Authenticity Of EDTA Series Products
Jun 30, 2018

EDTA is an important chelating agent. EDTA series of products are widely used in dyeing auxiliaries, water treatment additives, cosmetic additives, detergent additives, stabilizers, synthetic rubber polymerization initiator, EDTA products are the representative of chelating agents. It can form stable water-soluble complexes with alkali metals, rare earth elements and transition metals.

In the manufacturing process of EDTA, two amine acetic acid (EDTA) is used in the production of raw materials from ethyl two amine, sodium cyanide, formaldehyde-oriented, step-by-step production. First of all, under alkaline environmental conditions to conduct mutual chemical reactions, get edta-4na, and then through edta-4na and sulfuric acid acidification reaction to get edta-4na solution, at this time should pay attention to the size of the ph value of dissolved liquid, generally control 3.5-5.0 or so, you can get edta-2na or EDTA products. The third step, after getting edta-2na, can be further reacted with sodium hydroxide so that edta-4na products can be obtained.

At present, there are a large number of low-priced EDTA products. Many consumers do not understand why the same product has such a large price gap. Today I would like to explain how to distinguish EDTA, EDTA two sodium, EDTA four sodium true and false.

First, fluency, appearance

The EDTA series is a white powder crystal. In the preservation of intact conditions open the bag mouth, EDTA and EDTA two sodium color is more polished. Fluency is very good. The emergence of caking, crystallization of large grains and so on, are subordinate products.

Second, water solubility

EDTA and EDTA two sodium water-soluble are very small, in the water almost insoluble. EDTA four sodium products water soluble relatively large, at about 40%. EDTA series of products are in alkaline conditions to complete a good dissolution. Those markets are well dissolved ethyl two amine acetic acid products are basically fake, mixed with other chemical products.

Third, effect

For washing products, EDTA is mainly used to remove metal ions in water, such as iron ions. Metal ions in the water mixed with other additives will produce turbidity phenomenon, EDTA added to the metal ions can be complex, clarifying the mixture. And the amount of EDTA used is very small. Many of the EDTA products in the market are very large, and the real EDTA product can play a good process effect with very little amount.

To sum up, how to distinguish the true and false of the EDTA series is not difficult. Most of the low price products in the market are of substandard content (with other inexpensive products).