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Inspection And Quarantine Help Feed Additives Enterprises To Develop And Expand.
Oct 21, 2017

According to inspection and quarantine departments in jiangsu, the first 11 months of the year, suqian regional export feed additive 174, 1167.43 tons, value $3.48 million, the export products include enzymes, phytase, compound enzymes such as more than 10 varieties, mainly exported to the United States, South Korea, Brazil and so on more than 30 countries and regions, widely in the field of trade.

Feed additive is added in the process of feed production and processing, use a small amount of trace substances, or for strengthening feed nutrition, animal health, obvious effects of improving the quality of animal products, etc. So far this year, the export of feed additives in suifei area has been decreasing due to factors such as the epidemic of avian influenza in some trading countries and the reduction of breeding scale.

For helping enterprises to reverse the decline in exports, inspection and quarantine departments actively make full use of its advantages in technology, information and guide enterprises to optimize the processing layout, improvement of production and processing equipment, to provide export products "quality" and "quantity" double guarantee; Guide the enterprise to pay attention to the epidemic situation at home and abroad, timely inform the enterprise of foreign epidemic disease information, and reduce the risk of foreign trade. This year, at the same time, encourage enterprises to strengthen the independent innovation, the enterprise research and development of new protease to become the domestic market only a particle type of heat-resistant proteinase, fill the gaps in the domestic market in this area, and realize the first export America, products in the international market competitiveness significantly increased.