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Look At The Application Of Calcium Formate In Feed Additives, Do You Know?
Oct 14, 2017

With the progress and development of science and technology, calcium formate gradually break through in the industrial use and feed additives, all know industrial grade calcium formate can have early strength coagulant effect on buildings, no corrosion, but the feed grade calcium formate in the feed to add calcium, acidification.

Feed additive is to make up for the deficiency of certain nutrients in the feed, and special production of feed material. As a new type of feed additive, calcium formate has been increasing in scientific and technological content. How much do you know about the application of calcium formate in feed additives?

Feed calcium formate is organic calcium, can reduce the dosage of acidifying agent, inorganic calcium, can is calcium acidulant, can free the formic acid in animals, such as in chemical group of high quality feed calcium formate calcium content can reach 31%, calcium effect has been good, also can increase the animal, heavy, improve feed conversion rate.

Therefore, it is not only necessary to understand the calcium content, but also to see whether it is used as the raw material or as the raw material. It is important to know that the formic acid is better than the forage formic acid produced by the by-product.

In the calcium content, flow rate, aqueous solution on indicators such as more stable, the feed grade calcium formate and an important indicator is the heavy metal, manufacturers need to have an aptitude for feed grade related production license, heavy metal content must be controlled within the add feed grade standard, such ability to safe, green, environmental protection, no drug residues for the purpose of the product design.

The development of the environmental protection of feed formate is the most important development of feed additive in the future. Especially antibiotics some side effects such as larger feed additives after being phased out, as a new generation of products research and development, feed calcium formate environmental protection will have more obvious era characteristics, reasonable use of resources, polluting the environment, and does not pose a threat to human health.