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Mechanism Of Adding Acidizing Agent To Animal Feed
Sep 23, 2017

In animal feed often see the addition of acidification, then what are the main mechanisms of acidizing agents?

1, "Slow gastric emptying speed, promote digestion" gastric emptying speed of the stimulus factor is the volume of stomach contents and ph value. Acidic meal into the small intestine after stimulation of intestinal mucosa, so that the secretion of intestinal inhibition, reflex inhibition of gastric peristalsis, slow gastric emptying speed, so that protein has more time in the stomach digestion.

2, "to improve gastrointestinal microbial flora" the appropriate ph value for the growth of several pathogenic microorganisms is neutral alkali, such as the appropriate ph value of E. coli is 6.0 ~ 8.0, Streptococcus is 6.0 ~ 7.5, Staphylococcus is 6.8 ~ 7.5, and lactic acid bacteria and other beneficial bacteria suitable in acidic environment growth and proliferation. Therefore, the acidification can inhibit the propagation of harmful microorganisms by reducing the ph value of gastrointestinal tract, and promote the multiplication of beneficial bacteria. Danielson and other reports of lactic acid bacteria metabolites-lactic acid can inhibit E. coli in the gut and its receptor binding inhibition of E. coli growth.

3, "promote the absorption of minerals and vitamins" some constants and trace elements in alkaline environment easy to form insoluble salt and very difficult to absorb. The acidizing agent can reduce the ph value of gastrointestinal tract contents, and also form complex complexes which are easily absorbed and used by some mineral elements.

4, "directly involved in body energy metabolism, as a source of energy" some organic acids are important intermediate products in the process of energy conversion, such as acidizing agents can directly participate in metabolism.