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The Concept Of Feed Additives
Aug 18, 2018

Feed Additives refer to a small amount or trace substances added in the process of feed processing, production and use, including nutritive feed additives and general feed additives. Feed additive is the necessary raw material for modern feed industry. It has obvious effect on strengthening nutritive value of basic feed, improving animal production performance, ensuring animal health, saving feed cost and improving the quality of animal products.

With the development of animal nutrition, physiology, feeding science, biochemistry, bioengineering, pharmacology, Microbiology and other disciplines, feed additives have been integrated into many disciplines and a variety of new technologies. Therefore, the development and production of feed additives will present the following nine development directions at present and in the future.

Science and technology. With the advancement of science and technology in feed additive industry, a number of high-tech feed additive varieties will emerge, which will promote the development of feed industry to the direction of science and technology, and promote the feed industry and animal husbandry to a higher level.

Specialized. At present, feed additive industry is also attached to feed industry, pharmaceutical industry and other related industries, the degree of specialization is not high. With the continuous development of the scale of aquaculture, the demand for formula feed will be greatly increased, and the quality requirements will be constantly improved, which will effectively promote the professional development process of feed additive industry.

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