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The Development Of New Microecological Preparations For Feed Will Promote The Substitution Of Antibiotics.
Mar 17, 2018

Recently, a researcher at the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences institute of feed hensing m. production of "twelfth five-year" national science and technology support plan "new initiatives and application of probiotics" (2013 bad10b02) project through the acceptance. The results of the project have provided the solution for the new micro-ecological preparations, which have laid the theoretical and applied foundation for the promotion of the substitution of antibiotics, the safety of livestock products and the optimization and upgrading of animal husbandry structure.

Subject for livestock and poultry breeding young animal diarrhea in the negative effect of feed, feed antibiotics such outstanding problems as mycotoxin contamination, carry out the probiotics (blah yeast, lactic acid bacteria and bacillus) living bacteria preparation, prebiotics (modified inulin, plant polysaccharides) preparation, compound probiotics, probiotics and its special biological JiangXieJi mycotoxin, fish algae niche products such as initiative and application research work. Based on the specific needs of different animals to prevent and control diarrhea, this paper first proposed and designed the differentiation products of micro-ecological preparations. Through three years of research, a series of technological innovations have been achieved: the number of live bacteria in the new product of brabola, >37 billion colony unit/gram, and the mechanism of its action is analyzed. Completed the carboxymethyl inulin and 6 kinds of preparation and characterization of modified inulin analysis, established the probiotics with modified inulin, synergistic combination technologies such as the carboxymethyl inulin animal calcium calcium absorb more than 20%, aminoethyl inulin on free radical clearance rate increased more than 25%. Established the composite wall material package is lactic acid bacteria (trehalose, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.) efficiently the embedding system, formed the lactobacillus casei and dedicated "W/O/W type" embedding product - many liquid core lactobacillus microcapsule preparation technology, the embedding product dry < < 50%, through artificial gastric acid mortality 20%, 4 ℃ storage 40 days the highest survival rate of nearly 100%. Developed engineering lactic acid milk staphylococcus, streptococcus, antibacterial peptides, polysaccharide, algae polysaccharide and other new products, developed the young animal compound microbial preparation eight, ruminants with three humic acid compound microbial preparation products. 1. Set the industry standard of relevant micro-ecological preparations, and 23 enterprise standards; Won 9 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards; A new feed additive certificate (1); 3 items of appraisal results; Authorized invention patents 16, authorized utility model 2; Published 110 papers (including 51 SCI papers) and 2 books. Project set up the experimental demonstration base of 18, 14 pilot production lines, production line 13, can produce 1.6 million tons of related products and alternative target animal feed antibiotics usage by more than 50%, the output value 690 million yuan, the remarkable economic, social and ecological benefits.