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The Difference In Application Of EDTA Series Products
Jul 21, 2018

EDTA products have EDTA acid, edta-2na, Edta-4na. The most widely used for EDTA two sodium products, EDTA as the industry's most important chelating agent, can be used as heavy metal detoxification agents, complexing agents, antioxidant synergist, stabilizers and softening agents, etc. calcium, magnesium and other metal reagents, metal masking agent. Disodium EDTA Two is an important complexing agent for complexing metal ions and separating metals. Daily, cleaning is commonly used!

EDTA two sodium, EDTA four sodium, the biggest difference is the ph value
EDTA four sodium has the highest chelating value in alkaline condition. Therefore, in the relatively alkaline reaction, it is recommended to use EDTA four sodium, such as soap making
The relative ph range of EDTA two sodium is wide, and can play a good chelate ability in weak acidity, neutral and weak alkalinity. Use is also the most extensive.

Another look at the solubility.
EDTA acid, EDTA two sodium in water solubility is very small, EDTA four sodium is relatively large. Therefore, different chelating agents can be selected according to different requirements.
Finally, look at the chelate value. Taking CaCO3 as an example, the chelating value of EDTA acid >EDTA two sodium >edta four sodium.