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The Physical Properties Of Betaine.
May 12, 2018

Scientific name for the three methyl glycine betaine, for white scaly or ribbed crystalline powder, there was a slight characteristic odour (sweet), chemical formula, molecular weight of 117.15, melting point 293 ℃ (decomposition), solubility (20 ℃), 160 g / 160 g of water. Betaine molecule has three methyl effectively, is neutral, melting point 200 ℃, easily soluble in water, soluble in methanol, soluble in ethanol, soluble in ether. Trimethylamine can be generated by the decomposition reaction of potassium hydroxide solution, which has hygroscopicity, easy deliquescence and release of trimethylamine. Resistance to high temperature. It is easy to absorb moisture at normal temperature and has strong moisturizing ability.

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