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The Whole Industry Chain Of Bio-medicine Is Only A Matter Of Time
Aug 26, 2017

"My experience with Chinese biomedical medicine is that the demand is too big and too severe." "July 3, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Foreign Academician Wang at the tenth session of China's biological industry conference and the first Cantion International Biological Forum.

As one of the seven strategic new industries in the world, the biotech pharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly in recent years. According to Cortellis data, as of the end of 2016, the global clinical to the market stage of 4,747 biological drugs, and the scale of chemical drugs has shrunk to 1:1.34. However, in Wang's view, the current situation of Chinese biomedical is in a relatively chaotic process, on the one hand, there is a huge demand, on the other hand, the development of the status quo is low-end, chaos.

Industry gathers in Guangzhou to discuss the development of biomedicine industry
Under the double stimulation of policy and capital, the biopharmaceutical industry is in a blowout. Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, deputy mayor Chen Zhiying July 3 in the first Cantion biological forum, said that the biological industry is currently the most active innovation, the most far-reaching strategic emerging industries, Guangzhou, the existing 457 biological High-tech enterprises and 15 biological domain board listed enterprises.

Data show that in 2016, the Guangzhou Biological and health industry to achieve an increase in value of 43.119 billion yuan, in Guangzhou strategic emerging industries accounted for more than 20% of the value added.

However, because of China's biological medicine and Europe and the United States in the development of the start time is not very different, some people in the industry hope that bio-medicine can achieve "short road overtaking", can make "Made in China" in the international market emerging. But so far, this vision has not yet become a reality.

Wang believes that China's biomedical industry has three main features: one is high-end, high value-added drugs are basically taken away by foreign multinationals; second, the terminal of the generic drug market is facing many no unified standard "warring states" period; third, there are many unique, non-standard "divine medicine".

For the Chinese biomedical Gap, the U.S. FDA monoclonal antibody biological Medicine review experts and the review of cancer biological drug review expert Zhang Lei publicly said that China's biological medicine and foreign gap is very large, the road is very long. Under the American FDA set of standards, China's short board is still very obvious, especially in the production process, quality control and so on.

Has the industry come to spring?

From the so-called "sick man of East Asia" to "generics Big Country", Chinese pharmaceutical companies have always wanted to go abroad and have a foothold in the international market, but the global contribution rate of Chinese medicine is less than 5%. Nevertheless, Wang still believes that the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry spring has come. He pointed out that the development of biomedical needs three very important support points, including open policy, professional talent and social capital. "The original student thing, life science is still an unpopular thing, last month, I opened a seminar in our Institute, Preach Research Institute of Scientific Research, actually there are more than 30 research institutions to listen to us, indicating that the society on the investment in bio-medicine heat up." Wang believes that the whole industry chain of biomedicine is only a matter of time, with the further development of basic scientific research, the biomedical industry will become the industry that supports the development of China's economy after home appliances and the Internet.

In this respect, a domestic pharmaceutical research and development of listed companies, deputy general manager said that the biomedical industry is the future direction of development, the first 20 years of chemical drugs in China is just a copy process, if Chinese companies do chemical drugs want to overtake, it is necessary to bear the huge sums of money may not develop the risk of results. While there is still a gap between biopharmaceutical and developed countries, it is entirely possible to make innovative products, especially when some returnees return home and bring back advanced technology and ideas.

According to the Chinese Health industry Blue Book statistics, 2016 the Chinese market on the biological medicine sales of 129.8 billion yuan, accounted for 9% of the total domestic drug market, while the developed countries accounted for 25% of biological drugs. The deputy general manager said that there are many start-up bio-pharmaceutical enterprises in China, in the field of subdivision has gradually become a force to be reckoned with, with the gradual release of policies and funds, attention, the future of the proportion and status of bio-pharmaceuticals will also be promoted.