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Use Of Pyridine
Sep 30, 2017

Some of the many derivatives of pyridine are important drugs, some of which are important components of vitamins or enzymes. For example, pyridine-carboxylic acid amide (ie, nicotinamide), in Coenzyme I with adenine (see purine), ribose and phosphoric acid form an important two nucleotides. Pyridine derivative isoniazid is an oral anti-TB drug. 2-methyl-vinyl pyridine is an important raw material for synthetic rubber. Pyridine can be obtained from natural coal tar or made from acetaldehyde and ammonia. In addition to being solvent, pyridine can also be used industrially as a denaturing agent, an aid dye, and a starter for a range of products, including pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, dyes, food seasonings, adhesives, explosives, etc.

Related uses downstream product information:

Agrochemicals: Herbicides (paraquat, fast enemy weeds, poison): In addition to field weeds, control of aquatic weeds, pesticides (chlorpyrifos, methyl chlorpyrifos, chrysanthemum ester): broad-spectrum insecticide, high efficiency, low toxicity household health Pest Remover
pyridine mercaptan: Zinc pyridine or 2-mercapto-N-oxide zinc salt, pyridine mercaptan Sodium (use: broad-spectrum antibacterial agent, can kill leather Lanji (yin, positive) bacteria, fungi, is the international common dandruff shampoo active agent; pyridine-sulphur-zinc can be mixed into carpet adhesives to inhibit bacterial growth; pyridine-sulphur sodium can be mixed into metal processing liquid to resist fungus growth. )
Synthetic quaternary Salt: 16 alkyl pyridine chloride (production of mouthwash, conditioner, phase transfer catalyst)

New macromolecule Polymers: Poly 4-(3-Pyrrole) pyridine (with highly efficient acylation Catalyst Group)
piperidine: bis-piperidine bis (Rubber hardening Promoter), N, N-two methyl piperidine chloride (plant growth regulator), epoxy curing agent, Group protector, special solvent.

Dye: Blue base bb, blue base RR, disperse blue s-rb, soluble reduction ash IBL, soluble VAT blue IBC, etc.
Pharmaceutical intermediates: The preparation of cephalosporin, steroid, sulfonamide solvent, the preparation of antihistamine, detoxification of pyridine absorption of chlorine, the preparation of penicillin using 15 alkyl bromide as a protein precipitation agent; When extracting Chlortetracycline, the demulsifier was used as a demulsifier; 1 nucleophilic reactions of 2-chloropyridine could produce resistance-inhibiting agents: phenriamine, maleic acid, maleic acid ester of aniline, N-toluidine maleate (Treatment of arrhythmia)

Others: 12 alkyl pyridine salt chloride (Lauryl pyridine chloride). Pyridine is a variety of derivative precursors (such as pyridine-N-oxide, pyridine-like chloride, phenyl pyridinium chloride, halogenated, aminopyridine, etc.).