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What Are The Functional Characteristics Of Betaine?
May 19, 2018

Functional characteristics of betaine:

1. Betaine is an efficient methyl donor, which can replace methionine and choline for methylation. Substitute methionine addition, improve production performance, lower feed cost;

2. Betaine can guarantee the methyl needs of various biochemical reactions in animals to ensure the normal synthesis and metabolism of nucleic acids and proteins.

3. Betaine can promote fat metabolism, improve lean meat rate and prevent fatty liver; Enhance body immunity; Improve breeding capacity of sows;

4. Betaine can regulate cell osmotic pressure, reduce stress response, and ensure the normal growth of animals; To relieve diarrhea of piglets and improve the weaning piglets; Alleviate the heat stress of chicken, reduce mortality; To protect the intestinal tract, improve the effect of anti-coccidiasis, and promote growth;

5, betaine can stimulate the animal's sense of smell and taste, is a kind of very good attractant, especially in aquatic animal feed, can increase feed intake and the survival rate, shorten the feeding time, reduce the bait coefficient, promote growth effect;

6. Since betaine is a sex compound, it is not easy to oxidize. Betaine and vitamin are combined in premix, which can maintain the stability of vitamin more than choline.

7, beet alkali fusion point is higher, can reach 200 ℃ above, can be in all kinds of feed (especially in high temperature aggregate) normal use.

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