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What Is The Main Use Of BHT FOOD GRADE?
Mar 24, 2018

Used as an anti - aging agent for rubber and plastics, various petroleum products and food, feed, animal and vegetable oil, soap. It has good oil solubility, and it does not affect the color of oil products. It is widely used in transformer oil, turbine oil and so on.

BHT FOOD GRADE is a commonly used rubber anti-aging agent, which has certain protective effect on heat and oxygen aging, and can also inhibit copper damage. There is no ozone resistance alone, but the damage to vulcanizates is caused by various factors that protect against ozone and wax. It can also be used as a gelation inhibitor in butyl benzene. This product is volatile. In rubber, easy to disperse, can be mixed directly into rubber or as a dispersion to add latex. Widely used in natural gum, various synthetic rubber and latex. This product does not change color, also does not pollute. It is used to make the white side wall of tire, white, bright color and transparent rubber and latex products, as well as daily, medical, sanitary, rubber, rubber shoes and other rubber products. In rubber, the general dosage is 0.5-3. When the dosage increases to 3-5 portions, it will not spray. This product can also be used as a stabilizer for the processing and storage of synthetic rubber. It can be used for the rubber of butadiene rubber, shunding rubber, ethylene propylene rubber and chloroprene rubber.