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What`s EDTA mutiple application in China?
Apr 14, 2018

1.The application of in cleaning and water treatment


EDTA has a wide range of coordination ability and can form a stable chelate with almost all metal ions, and its metal chelates have good solubility under the condition of micro acid, so it is very early in the textile industry to use as a detrimental metal ion inhibitor and water softener. Because of the good water solubility of metal ion chelates, more and more researches and applications have been carried out in the cleaning of water-using equipment. Luzhou natural gas chemical industry with EDTA as the main ingredient of the detergent, cleaning the stainless steel circulation heater in the urea synthesis system, the corrosion is very small, and the effect is good.


 2. The application in medicine and food


EDTA does not metabolize in animals and plants, but it is basically excreted in the form of urine in the form of complex complexes, which can be used to excrete harmful radioactive metals from the human body and act as antidotes. Ethylenimide is synthesized from EDTA and formamide for the treatment of psoriasis. The neutral salt of EDTA has a good effect on the treatment of periodontitis. It can effectively remove the smear layer and expose collagen, increase the diameter of dentinal tubule, and be beneficial to periodontal regeneration. EDTA series chelating agents are also used in medical decalcification and antibacterial. EDTA is a commonly used coagulant because it can cause platelet aggregation.


EDTA and its salts can be directly used as food additives in the United States, and have been reported as food preservatives in China.


3. The application in agriculture


EDTA series of chelating agents, such as Cu, Ca, Fe, Mg and Zn, have the advantages of good solubility, easy absorption and so on. It has become a good source of micro fertilizer, and these chelating metal salts are mixed with each other without affecting their solubility, which is beneficial to use as multiple compound micro fertilizer. Moreover, EDTA has carboxyl groups involved in the reaction, which can generate potash and ammonia salts, and supplement potash and nitrogenous fertilizers while supplementing trace elements. Considering the cost and effect, it will be the first choice of the chelate micro fertilizer for a long time, so the application in our country is becoming more and more large, and the application scope is becoming more and more wide.


4. The applications in other industries


EDTA series chelating agents are also widely used in photography, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, daily chemical analysis and chemical analysis. The ferric ammonium salt of EDTA can be used as a washing and fixing solution for color photosensitive material. EDTA can mask the metal ions, increase the activity of the surfactant and produce the stability of the foam, and enhance the cleaning ability, foaming power, soaking and emulsifying power of the detergent, which is beneficial to the improvement of cleaning efficiency. Cellulose usually contains various metal ions, and Fe3+ ions are difficult to remove. EDTA can effectively remove Fe3+ ions. Adding EDTA into pulp can reduce the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, increase the utilization rate of hydrogen peroxide and increase the whiteness of pulp in the process of pulp bleaching. The addition of EDTA in the process of cooking oil can remove metal ions, increase the stability of edible oils and prevent their oxidation. Sodium salts of EDTA are used as additives in shampoo, shower gel and cosmetics to prevent the rancidity caused by metal ions. In addition, pretreatment of glass surface by EDTA can improve the brightness of decorative glass. Battery


Adding EDTA calcium and EDTA aluminum can prolong the service life of the battery.